Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Does someone need to be home while the painters are there ?


A : No. In this day and age many couples both have to leave for work. This presents no problem for us. We generally try to arrive on the job before you need to leave for work. Of course special arrangements can always be made to pick up a key ahead of time if needed. We have never had a problem when it comes to the trustworthiness of our painters. If you are not able to be home you can be assured that your home will be respected the same as it would be if you were there. However, we also realize that many people are uncomfortable with leaving workmen in their house unattended. This too is not a problem. We understand this hesitancy by some and are certainly not offended by that.


Q : How often should the interior of my home be painted ?


A : There are quite a few factors involved in deciding this. Naturally the easiest answer would be, When you the home owner feel things need to freshened up. A good job done by experienced painters using quality materials should last 5-8 years. Mitigating factors would include pets in the home, smokers, fireplaces, smaller children and the amount of traffic in the area.


Q : My friend has a color in their home that I like, will it be a good choice for me ?


A : As long as you know the color name and brand we can get it for you. Keep in mind that every home is different. The lighting, flooring and furniture will effect how a color appears on your walls. An easy way to find if any color is right for you is to use a sample. Get a small sample of the color you intend to use, paint a piece of poster board with the color. Then place the poster board at different areas within the room and view it at various times of day. Of course this isn't a perfect method, once all the walls in a room are painted the same color light reflection from the walls will enhance the appearance.


Q : Which brand of paint should I use ?


A : There are indeed a wide selection of paints available. And within each brand a selection or 'grade'. These all come at varying prices. And each home has its own needs. Generally speaking a medium grade paint produced by one of the major brands is standard for most homes. GPG Painting tends to recommend Bher or Sherwin Williams brand paints for most projects.


Q : I ask to have my windows painted, how long should I wait before cleaning them ?


A : We always recommend waiting 2 weeks before subjecting new paint to any cleaning agents. While fresh paint dries within a couple of hours all paints have a curing process that takes longer.


Q : I'm having you paint the baby's room, is there and special considerations involved ?


A : Most paints now dry rather fast and the odor dissipates quickly. But if we are painting the baby's room we recommend you set up a temporary area for changing and sleeping for a day or two.